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One of the mods I definitely wanted to do was get rid of the tail light/signal tree on the back of my Ruckus. It would just clean up the back so nice if those huge blinkers and tail light was not there. As with most things the style and function of the light you end up going with comes down to personal preference. I searched around for the best LED Tail Light options, and here is what I came up with.

All of these are great options, but I was looking for the sleekest “factory” looking tail light possible. As soon as I found the Turtlehead, I knew that was the one. It was the most affordable at $80.00. It is all in one unit – turn signals, tail light and brake. It includes a sealed LED assembly mounted to a CNC laser cut stainless bracket which is powder coated black to blend with the seat base. Super clean and very “factory” looking.

What You Will Need

  • Rivet Gun, Found Here: Rivet Gun
  • 552 Flasher Found Here: 552 flasher
  • Electrical tape
  • Grinder/Dremmel to remove old mount.
  • Drill
  • Part to cover grind marks and re-locate license plate like: Dingleberry

The install is actually fairly straight forward. You will need to remove the old tail light structure, grind off the old mount, drill holes(carefully) in the bottom of the seat, rivet the Turtle Head down, attach Turtlehead wiring to stock wiring harness, install the 552 flasher. and that’s it! Super clean rear end.

Great Installation Turtlehead Instructions Here!

Turtlehead with the normal Seat:

With a lowed seat frame… Much betta!

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