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So you have decided to swap out the motor on your Honda Ruckus eh. Well for a lot of us, one of the most important aspects is the rear wheel. What I mean by that is, are we running some chubby, fatty sickness back there? If so the stock axle in a GY6 motor will not work. We need a shorter axle, which when paired with a properly offset fatty rear (7″-8″ Wide), our wheel will be centered.

This is where installing a short axle in a GY6 comes in. For most people swapping their ruck this is a must. So I’m going to walk you through how to correctly change out the axe. I know what you are thinking, “man this does not look easy, I need to open up the motor case….” Trust me, its one of the easiest things you will do.

Things you need for this job:

Here is the basic tools and parts you’ll need to get the job done. Now, depending on how careful you are, its not always necessary to replace the gasket.

  • Time: 30 Minutes
  • 10mm, 8mm socket
  • Impact gun, or lots of elbow grease
  • GY6 Short Axle
  • Gear Oil 75w-90w, bought mine at O’reilly auto Supply
  • Replacement Gasket: Gasket Kit

First you will need to remove the CVT cover on your GY6, This is held on by 10 8mm bolts. (you dont have to remove the kickstarter)

One the CVT cover is removed, you will see two big disk looking things, one is the variatior (toward the head of the motor), and the other is clutch(towards the rear), you will need to remove the clutch. The easiest way to get this off is with an impact gun, they are usually cranked on from the factory.

Next, and this is important or you will end up covered in oil, you need to drain the gear oil.

Now, with the oil safely drained, you see the axle and theres are 7 bolts that need to be removed and then you can open the case. Now I highly suggest you replace the gasket, chances are its going to break, so be prepared and have another handy.

With all the screws removed carefully lift the transmission cover up. ( in this picture I had already remove the gasket and yes mine tore)

Now we need to remove the TWO gears and then pull out the axle

The axle should slide right out with ease

Next we do everything in reverse, tighten up the case with hopefully a new gasket and fill up the tranny with new oil. Fill it until the oil is just about to overflow from the inlet( the oil goes in the same hole you drained it from.

Thats it, now your ruckus is fatty ready all you need is a mount and wheel and your off and running.

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