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This is by far the sickest seat frame you can put on a Honda Ruckus / Zoomer. It is the lowest and farthest back that you can get for a Ruckus. There are quite a few other frame options out there that I will list in more detail, but in the end basically there is the DORF, and then just a lower seat frame ( many companies make them, but all basically the same).

The DORF stands for Down & Out Race Frame. It is machined from solid blocks of aluminum, and is truly a custom fabricated piece of work. They are fairly hard to get a hold of but, the guys at MNNTHBX are doing an outstanding job of filling the demand for  these. I had to wait about a week and a half, but it was well worth the wait, and now I think they are making them so fast you get them immediately! I love it, have one om both of my Ruck’s and would not have anything else.

Some Lower Seat Frame OPtions

Now aside from the The DORF Seat Frame, the rest of these seat frames are almost identical, including the ones I have not listed. They all have the same round tubing, and lower the seat roughly 2 Inches. The one thing that the DORF does not have is a helmet lock. They really wanted the make the frame as clean as possible so it does not have it. However you can remove your lock from the stock frame and have it welded on the DORF quite affordable.

I am 6’1″ and I weight about 210, so for me this frame was awesome as it game me so much more room between my legs and the handlebars. On top of the fact that to position the DORF puts you makes the bike handle so much better. combine the DORF with the Turtlehead, for a super sleek clean look that is UN-paralleled for the Ruckus.

If you look at the price you obviously notice the DORF is a bit more. It is, but again its custom fabricated billet aluminum, includes 10 billet fender washers, allen bolts, and full instructions for the frame. Full installation takes about 20 minutes. If you want the best, the DORF is it.

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