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With out a doubt the front of the Ruckus is really what gives it it’s character. The over sized headlights are paramount of the Ruckus front end. Without diminishing the existing look of the front end, these is a little fix we can do to really clean it up by relocating the front blinkers to the sides where the yellow reflectors mount.

What You Will Need:

  • Drill with a 1/4″ metal bit
  • Dremmel, but better is a grinder and a sanding (flap) disk
  • Spray Paint (match color)
  • 20-30 Minutes

On a stock ruckus you have reflectors on either side of the headlights, on the headlight bracket. This is the perfect place to move your blinkers. It really cleans up your front end and actually makes it look even more unique as the blinkers kind end up looking like ears.

Relocating the Front Blinkers

It only takes about 20 minutes, you will need a drill to open up the holes that the reflectors mount to. Also a grinder, or a Dremmel (what I used), to cut off the old blinker mounts.

Relocating the Front Blinkers

Finally, I used some gloss enamel to touch up the areas the old mounts get cut off, in some cases you might not even need to touch it up as this part of the light bracket faces the battery box and you can’t ever really see the cuts.

The final product is well worth it, Makes the bike look cleaner, lower, meaner :).

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