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When I first saw Password JDM Anti-Flex Bushings I was a little confused on what they where, and what their function was. More over, there where three different types listed on the Password site.

So you might be thinking, the V2 ones must be the best, as they are the newest version, as i did. Wrong. The bushings and the frame sliders are very different. The bushings sit almost flush with the frame when installed. The frame slider actually stick out about 1.5″, and are supposed to protect the frame if you lay the bike down. The “frame slider” idea comes from super bikes, but in my opinion they look hideous, get in the way (especially if you are running foot pegs), and Im not planning on laying my Ruck down.

Both also are intended to stiffen the ride. This they both do well. If you have a frame extension I would HIGHLY recommend one of these. As the extension apply more torque to the stock rubber bushing and your bike will feel squish and it will lean… A.K.A “the 5 O’clock lean.”

Here is a visual Comparison of the Frame Sliders VS. the anti-flex bushings:

Password JDM Anti-Flex Bushings

Some people argue the bike vibrates more, I notice nothing at all, and I am 100% glad I got them, the bike rides much better, the only thing is that the frame will squeak a bit unless you clean the frame holes and spray silicon or put some sort of great in the frame hole before inserting the bushings.

Over all, they are awesome, both visually and functionally.

Password JDM Anti-Flex Bushings



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