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Friday August 5, 2011 in Product Review 5 Comments



One of the first things I wanted to do when I got my Ruckus was get rid of the stock “ape hanger” handlebars that come on the Ruckus, and put on some Lowered Handlebars. There are a few things to consider when thinking about swapping out your handlebars. The most important is, where is your speedometer going to end up? Most handle bar clamps out there don’t provide a new mount for your speedo. This is not a huge issue as you can re-locate your speedometer in the battery box seen here: Moving Speedometer to the battery box, BUT its kinda a pain to do that…

Personally I am opposed to moving the speedo to the battery box because then you need to unplug all sorts of wires every time you need to remove the battery box cover, and the fit is EXTREMELY tight. So there is tons of different options out there for retrofitting your handlebars. I’m only going to talk about the standard clamp and bar style. One thing to note when transitioning from the stock bars to aftermarket is you will have to grind off a pin in the inside of both controls. The pin can easily be removed with a demmel.

I have actually tried quite a few clamps, and if you are planning on still using the stock speedo nothing beats the price and cleanliness of the Kijima bar mount. Fits tight, no wobble, solid speedo mount and looks great, very happy with it.


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