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If you plan on removing your rear tail light tree and replacing it with some other kind of light, upon removing the light tree you will need to cut off the old mount. This leaves you with two problems: One, you are left with cut marks on the frame. Second, you need relocation of the license plate.

You can solve this multiple ways, the best is to take the rear frame off and have it powder coated or painted, and the back end will look super clean. However, not all of us have the time or the $ to do that uber cool stuff.

So here are the alternatives: a cover or “band aid” as I call it to cover the cuts, which you then need a separate part to mount the plate. Or, something like the dingleberry from the brilliant guys at MNNTHBX, which covers the cuts and mounts the plate.

Alternatives for Covering Grind Mark & License Plate Relocation

Rear Frame Covers

License Plate Relocation

I considered all the options. In the end I ultimately want to powder coat the frame and have the clean lines of the frame show. That being said all time best alternative in the time is the dingleberry.

Plate Normal mounting position:

Plate revered for a tucked in look plus the Turtlehead LED A+:

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