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Wednesday September 14, 2011 in Product Review 6 Comments


One of the things on a Ruckus that I felt was kind of lacking was a nice seat. One thing to consider when replacing your seat cover is if you paint your ruck you obviously want a consistent theme… So might need a little pre-planning depending on where in the process you add your seat cover.

Considering the different options and pricing I decided to go with a HT Moto Seat Cover, plus I had heard really great things about their seats. Boy, I was really impressed. HT Moto Seat Cover fit perfect, Looks great, and the price was right.

Some Seat Cover Options

I could not be happier. Removal of the old seat cover is very easy with a flat head screw driver and needle nosed pliers. Then, installation of the new seat requires an electric staple gun and you are good to go. I totally recommend these seats, super affordable, great price, and tons of different color, and material options.

HT MOTO Seat Cover

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