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So if you have been following any of my reviews you will see that I previously had a Daytona rear shock and was really pleased. However after a little while (especially because I was going the fatty route) I wanted to get a more adjustable replacement.

Adjustable meaning I wanted control over the ride height of the bike. However, I wanted true adjustability, a shock that has a really wide range of height adjustments. Most spring type of shock allow for only marginal height alterations, thus you need to order a specific height and if its the wrong height for some reason, you gotta send it back and do it all over again.

Now, a lot of shocks out there do have some adjustability, but in essence you are usually adjusting the spring tension on most of the options out there. I had heard of this “Doppler shock”, and a lot of people seemed to like it, especially the heavier folks, like me. I weigh about 210, and I need a shock that can take some punishment while mobbing through the crappy streets of San Francisco on my Ruckus.

After quite a bit of research I really found that for the price the Doppler was a no brainer.  A lot of people veer away from the doppler because they think it wont fit, it sure will. But be aware any tire wider than the stock rear and it will rub pretty bad. Adjustable in ride height from 260mm to about 210mm, and because its air pressure based the ride is just about as good at 210 as it is as 260.

The super rad part is adjusting the pressure to your liking is dead simple. All you need to do is plug in the Doppler Air Pump (sold separately ($54.00), and find what you like.

I have has this on my bike now for about 6 months and I wouldn’t have anything else. When I put my fatty kit on the bike sat too high, no problem let some air out, bam good to go.

Here is the shock on my current setup with a 12″ fatty rear.

The Doppler can be purchased from a number of places, but the best pricing that I have found (and they carry the pump) is at

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