Daytona Rear Shock - Ruckn

Tuesday August 2, 2011 in Uncategorized 6 Comments

One of the very first things most people will tell you to swap out on your Ruckus is the rear shock. The stock rear shock really isn’t a shock at all. Rather it’s basically just a spring disguised to look like a shock. I weight about 210 lbs, and was bottoming out the stock stock all day long.

I had heard a lot of good things about the Daytona Rear Shocks so I searched around ad was surprised to find that no one had them. They are evidentially very popular, and being that they are affordable at only $75.00, makes them even more appealing. I ended up finding a used one on ebay for around $65.00. It was slightly used but, it functioned great.

This shock is slightly longer than the stock one at 270mm. but is has more travel. so the stock height of the bike ends up being about the same as the bike will naturally “sag” a bit. Over all I really like the shock huge improvement over stock, and doesn’t dent your pocket.

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