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Thursday December 22, 2011 in Product Review 6 Comments


One of the things I really wanted to do away with on my Ruckus was the stock mirrors. They are huge, ugly, and make lane splitting quite a challenge. I searched around for quite some time tying to find exactly what I was looking for. After lots of Ebay scrolling, and web searching I found exactly what I was looking for and they where only $24.00!

Choosing mirrors is not the easiest thing to do, some people are more concerned with functionality and other more concerned with a particular look, functionality aside. For me, mine needed to have a wide view, bar end style, and look sweet. I live in San Francisco and this Ruckus is my daily driver everything that goes on this thing needs to function well.

I really liked all of these mirrors, bu the mini mirrors where to small and the the arm style mirrors where to big. So the CNC nub style ones where my choice, and I love them, great mirror great visibility and the price is just right. I have provided the links above to purchase any of these mirrors but there are other places to buy them as well, just do a quick google search for “bar end mirror.”

The grips in the photo can be found here: CNC Grips

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